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int hal_shutdown ( LibHalContext ctx  ) 

Shutdown the HAL library. All resources allocated are freed.

ctx The context for the connection to hald
Zero if the shutdown went well, otherwise non-zero if an error occured

Definition at line 687 of file libhal.c.

References LibHalContext_s::connection, LibHalContext_s::is_initialized, and LibHalContext_s::is_shutdown.

Referenced by main().

      DBusError error;

      if (!ctx->is_initialized)
            return 1;

      /* unsubscribe the match rule we added in initialize; this is safe even with multiple
       * instances of libhal running - see the dbus docs */
      dbus_error_init (&error);
      dbus_bus_remove_match (ctx->connection,
                         "path='/org/freedesktop/Hal/Manager'", &error);
      if (dbus_error_is_set (&error)) {
            fprintf (stderr, "%s %d : Error removing match rule, error=%s\r\n",
                   __FILE__, __LINE__, error.message);

      /* TODO: remove all other match rules */

      /* set a flag so we don't propagte callbacks from this context anymore */
      ctx->is_shutdown = TRUE;

      /* yikes, it's dangerous to unref the connection since it will terminate the process
       * because this connection may be shared so we cannot set the exit_on_disconnect flag
       * so we don't do that right now 
      /*dbus_connection_unref (ctx->connection);*/

      /* we also refuse to free the resources as filter_function may reference these 
       * should free async when our connection goes away.
      /* free (ctx); */
      return 0;

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