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void hal_free_property_set ( LibHalPropertySet set  ) 

Free a property set earlier obtained with hal_device_get_all_properties().

set Property-set to free

Definition at line 311 of file libhal.c.

References LibHalProperty_s::key, LibHalProperty_s::next, LibHalProperty_s::str_value, and LibHalProperty_s::type.

Referenced by dump_devices(), hal_device_print(), hal_drive_from_udi(), and hal_volume_from_udi().

      LibHalProperty *p;
      LibHalProperty *q;

      if (set == NULL)

      for (p = set->properties_head; p != NULL; p = q) {
            free (p->key);
            if (p->type == DBUS_TYPE_STRING)
                  free (p->str_value);
            q = p->next;
            free (p);
      free (set);

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