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 * CVSID: $Id: pcmcia_cs.h,v 1.1 2004/10/26 17:35:21 david Exp $
 * PCMCIA Card utilities
 * Copyright (C) 2003 Dan Williams <dcbw@redhat.com>
 * Licensed under the Academic Free License version 2.0
 * Most of this code was derived from pcmcia-cs code, originally
 * developed by David A. Hinds <dahinds@users.sourceforge.net>.
 * Portions created by David A. Hinds are Copyright (C) 1999 David A. Hinds.
 * All Rights Reserved.  It has been modified for integration into HAL
 * by Dan Williams and is covered by the GPL version 2 license.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

#ifndef PCMCIA_CS_H
#define PCMCIA_CS_H

#include <sys/types.h>

/* cs_types.h */
typedef u_short   ioaddr_t;
typedef u_short   socket_t;
typedef u_int     event_t;
typedef u_char    cisdata_t;
typedef u_short   page_t;

struct client_t;
typedef struct client_t *client_handle_t;

struct window_t;
typedef struct window_t *window_handle_t;

struct region_t;
typedef struct region_t *memory_handle_t;

struct eraseq_t;
typedef struct eraseq_t *eraseq_handle_t;

#ifndef DEV_NAME_LEN
#define DEV_NAME_LEN 32

typedef char dev_info_t[DEV_NAME_LEN];

/* cs.h */

/* For AccessConfigurationRegister */
typedef struct conf_reg_t {
    u_char  Function;
    u_int   Action;
    off_t   Offset;
    u_int   Value;
} conf_reg_t;

/* Actions */
#define CS_READ         1
#define CS_WRITE  2

/* for AdjustResourceInfo */
typedef struct adjust_t {
    u_int   Action;
    u_int   Resource;
    u_int   Attributes;
    union {
      struct memory {
          u_long  Base;
          u_long  Size;
      } memory;
      struct io {
          ioaddr_t      BasePort;
          ioaddr_t      NumPorts;
          u_int   IOAddrLines;
      } io;
      struct irq {
          u_int   IRQ;
      } irq;
    } resource;
} adjust_t;

typedef struct servinfo_t {
    char    Signature[2];
    u_int   Count;
    u_int   Revision;
    u_int   CSLevel;
    char    *VendorString;
} servinfo_t;

typedef struct event_callback_args_t {
    client_handle_t client_handle;
    void    *info;
    void    *mtdrequest;
    void    *buffer;
    void    *misc;
    void    *client_data;
    struct bus_operations *bus;
} event_callback_args_t;

/* for GetConfigurationInfo */
typedef struct config_info_t {
    u_char  Function;
    u_int   Attributes;
    u_int   Vcc, Vpp1, Vpp2;
    u_int   IntType;
    u_int   ConfigBase;
    u_char  Status, Pin, Copy, Option, ExtStatus;
    u_int   Present;
    u_int   CardValues;
    u_int   AssignedIRQ;
    u_int   IRQAttributes;
    ioaddr_t      BasePort1;
    ioaddr_t      NumPorts1;
    u_int   Attributes1;
    ioaddr_t      BasePort2;
    ioaddr_t      NumPorts2;
    u_int   Attributes2;
    u_int   IOAddrLines;
} config_info_t;

/* For GetFirst/NextClient */
typedef struct client_req_t {
    socket_t      Socket;
    u_int   Attributes;
} client_req_t;

#define CLIENT_THIS_SOCKET    0x01

/* For RegisterClient */
typedef struct client_reg_t {
    dev_info_t    *dev_info;
    u_int   Attributes;
    u_int   EventMask;
    int           (*event_handler)(event_t event, int priority,
                         event_callback_args_t *);
    event_callback_args_t event_callback_args;
    u_int   Version;
} client_reg_t;

/* IntType field */
#define INT_CARDBUS           0x04

/* For GetMemPage, MapMemPage */
typedef struct memreq_t {
    u_int   CardOffset;
    page_t  Page;
} memreq_t;

/* For ModifyWindow */
typedef struct modwin_t {
    u_int   Attributes;
    u_int   AccessSpeed;
} modwin_t;

/* For RequestWindow */
typedef struct win_req_t {
    u_int   Attributes;
    u_long  Base;
    u_int   Size;
    u_int   AccessSpeed;
} win_req_t;

typedef struct cs_status_t {
    u_char  Function;
    event_t       CardState;
    event_t SocketState;
} cs_status_t;

typedef struct error_info_t {
    int           func;
    int           retcode;
} error_info_t;

/* Special stuff for binding drivers to sockets */
typedef struct bind_req_t {
    socket_t      Socket;
    u_char  Function;
    dev_info_t    *dev_info;
} bind_req_t;

/* Flag to bind to all functions */
#define BIND_FN_ALL     0xff

typedef struct mtd_bind_t {
    socket_t      Socket;
    u_int   Attributes;
    u_int   CardOffset;
    dev_info_t    *dev_info;
} mtd_bind_t;

/* cistpl.h */

#define CISTPL_VERS_1         0x15
#define CISTPL_MANFID         0x20
#define CISTPL_FUNCID         0x21

typedef struct cistpl_longlink_t {
    u_int   addr;
} cistpl_longlink_t;

typedef struct cistpl_checksum_t {
    u_short addr;
    u_short len;
    u_char  sum;
} cistpl_checksum_t;


typedef struct cistpl_longlink_mfc_t {
    u_char  nfn;
    struct {
      u_char      space;
      u_int addr;
} cistpl_longlink_mfc_t;


typedef struct cistpl_altstr_t {
    u_char  ns;
    char    str[254];
} cistpl_altstr_t;


typedef struct cistpl_device_t {
    u_char  ndev;
    struct {
      u_char      type;
      u_char      wp;
      u_int speed;
      u_int size;
} cistpl_device_t;

typedef struct cistpl_device_o_t {
    u_char        flags;
    cistpl_device_t     device;
} cistpl_device_o_t;


typedef struct cistpl_vers_1_t {
    u_char  major;
    u_char  minor;
    u_char  ns;
    u_char  ofs[CISTPL_VERS_1_MAX_PROD_STRINGS];
    char    str[254];
} cistpl_vers_1_t;

typedef struct cistpl_jedec_t {
    u_char  nid;
    struct {
      u_char      mfr;
      u_char      info;
} cistpl_jedec_t;

typedef struct cistpl_manfid_t {
    u_short manf;
    u_short card;
} cistpl_manfid_t;

typedef struct cistpl_funcid_t {
    u_char  func;
    u_char  sysinit;
} cistpl_funcid_t;

typedef struct cistpl_funce_t {
    u_char  type;
    u_char  data[0];
} cistpl_funce_t;

typedef struct cistpl_bar_t {
    u_char  attr;
    u_int   size;
} cistpl_bar_t;

typedef struct cistpl_config_t {
    u_char  last_idx;
    u_int   base;
    u_int   rmask[4];
    u_char  subtuples;
} cistpl_config_t;

typedef struct cistpl_power_t {
    u_char  present;
    u_char  flags;
    u_int   param[7];
} cistpl_power_t;

typedef struct cistpl_timing_t {
    u_int   wait, waitscale;
    u_int   ready, rdyscale;
    u_int   reserved, rsvscale;
} cistpl_timing_t;

#define CISTPL_IO_MAX_WIN     16

typedef struct cistpl_io_t {
    u_char  flags;
    u_char  nwin;
    struct {
      u_int base;
      u_int len;
    } win[CISTPL_IO_MAX_WIN];
} cistpl_io_t;

typedef struct cistpl_irq_t {
    u_int   IRQInfo1;
    u_int   IRQInfo2;
} cistpl_irq_t;

#define CISTPL_MEM_MAX_WIN    8

typedef struct cistpl_mem_t {
    u_char  flags;
    u_char  nwin;
    struct {
      u_int len;
      u_int card_addr;
      u_int host_addr;
    } win[CISTPL_MEM_MAX_WIN];
} cistpl_mem_t;

typedef struct cistpl_cftable_entry_t {
    u_char        index;
    u_short       flags;
    u_char        interface;
    cistpl_power_t      vcc, vpp1, vpp2;
    cistpl_timing_t     timing;
    cistpl_io_t         io;
    cistpl_irq_t  irq;
    cistpl_mem_t  mem;
    u_char        subtuples;
} cistpl_cftable_entry_t;

typedef struct cistpl_cftable_entry_cb_t {
    u_char        index;
    u_int         flags;
    cistpl_power_t      vcc, vpp1, vpp2;
    u_char        io;
    cistpl_irq_t  irq;
    u_char        mem;
    u_char        subtuples;
} cistpl_cftable_entry_cb_t;

typedef struct cistpl_device_geo_t {
    u_char        ngeo;
    struct {
      u_char            buswidth;
      u_int       erase_block;
      u_int       read_block;
      u_int       write_block;
      u_int       partition;
      u_int       interleave;
} cistpl_device_geo_t;

typedef struct cistpl_vers_2_t {
    u_char  vers;
    u_char  comply;
    u_short dindex;
    u_char  vspec8, vspec9;
    u_char  nhdr;
    u_char  vendor, info;
    char    str[244];
} cistpl_vers_2_t;

typedef struct cistpl_org_t {
    u_char  data_org;
    char    desc[30];
} cistpl_org_t;

typedef struct cistpl_format_t {
    u_char  type;
    u_char  edc;
    u_int   offset;
    u_int   length;
} cistpl_format_t;

typedef union cisparse_t {
    cistpl_device_t           device;
    cistpl_checksum_t         checksum;
    cistpl_longlink_t         longlink;
    cistpl_longlink_mfc_t     longlink_mfc;
    cistpl_vers_1_t           version_1;
    cistpl_altstr_t           altstr;
    cistpl_jedec_t            jedec;
    cistpl_manfid_t           manfid;
    cistpl_funcid_t           funcid;
    cistpl_funce_t            funce;
    cistpl_bar_t        bar;
    cistpl_config_t           config;
    cistpl_cftable_entry_t    cftable_entry;
    cistpl_cftable_entry_cb_t cftable_entry_cb;
    cistpl_device_geo_t       device_geo;
    cistpl_vers_2_t           vers_2;
    cistpl_org_t        org;
    cistpl_format_t           format;
} cisparse_t;

typedef struct tuple_t {
    u_int   Attributes;
    cisdata_t     DesiredTuple;
    u_int   Flags;            /* internal use */
    u_int   LinkOffset; /* internal use */
    u_int   CISOffset;  /* internal use */
    cisdata_t     TupleCode;
    cisdata_t     TupleLink;
    cisdata_t     TupleOffset;
    cisdata_t     TupleDataMax;
    cisdata_t     TupleDataLen;
    cisdata_t     *TupleData;
} tuple_t;

#define TUPLE_RETURN_COMMON   0x02

/* For ValidateCIS */
typedef struct cisinfo_t {
    u_int   Chains;
} cisinfo_t;

#define CISTPL_MAX_CIS_SIZE   0x200

/* For ReplaceCIS */
typedef struct cisdump_t {
    u_int   Length;
    cisdata_t     Data[CISTPL_MAX_CIS_SIZE];
} cisdump_t;

/* bulkmem.h */

typedef struct region_info_t {
    u_int         Attributes;
    u_int         CardOffset;
    u_int         RegionSize;
    u_int         AccessSpeed;
    u_int         BlockSize;
    u_int         PartMultiple;
    u_char        JedecMfr, JedecInfo;
    memory_handle_t     next;
} region_info_t;

/* ds.h */

typedef struct tuple_parse_t {
    tuple_t       tuple;
    cisdata_t           data[255];
    cisparse_t          parse;
} tuple_parse_t;

typedef struct win_info_t {
    window_handle_t     handle;
    win_req_t           window;
    memreq_t            map;
} win_info_t;
typedef struct bind_info_t {
    dev_info_t          dev_info;
    u_char        function;
    struct dev_link_t   *instance;
    char          name[DEV_NAME_LEN];
    u_short       major, minor;
    void          *next;
} bind_info_t;

typedef struct mtd_info_t {
    dev_info_t          dev_info;
    u_int         Attributes;
    u_int         CardOffset;
} mtd_info_t;

typedef union ds_ioctl_arg_t {
    servinfo_t          servinfo;
    adjust_t            adjust;
    config_info_t config;
    tuple_t       tuple;
    tuple_parse_t tuple_parse;
    client_req_t  client_req;
    cs_status_t         status;
    conf_reg_t          conf_reg;
    cisinfo_t           cisinfo;
    region_info_t region;
    bind_info_t         bind_info;
    mtd_info_t          mtd_info;
    win_info_t          win_info;
    cisdump_t           cisdump;
} ds_ioctl_arg_t;

#define DS_GET_CONFIGURATION_INFO   _IOWR('d', 3, config_info_t)
#define DS_GET_FIRST_TUPLE          _IOWR('d', 4, tuple_t)
#define DS_GET_TUPLE_DATA           _IOWR('d', 6, tuple_parse_t)
#define DS_PARSE_TUPLE              _IOWR('d', 7, tuple_parse_t)


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